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The payment for services in the International Academic Center is now much easier. It took some time to establish the store, and follow the tight procedures needed, but we have managed to make it work.

Why the English language? Translating the complete site, coding and all of the content, would take additional time we did not have this past summer and fall. We may come back to it soon, but need to keep it bilingual, to assist our English speaking clients. Second reason is the fact that you really need English language to pursue your future academic and other engagement abroad.

This web site is completely safe for your purchases, as it is described in the Terms & Conditions. Some of the services require initial contact with us before payment, while some can be purchased at any time. Don’t worry about possible issues – we can resolve them easily, and avoid your disappointment.

Final remark for this first blog post on the site: you will not be able to use it to pay your official test fees, university related fees, or US Embassy appointment fees. Check official web sites for the payment information, or send us an e-mail to

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